“Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life.” -Emma Stone



In order to generate the type of wealth that millionaires do it is important to generate multiple sources of income. Last night I took a step in that direction by partnering with Arise with my customer assistance company, Desir Customer Assistance, LLC.

The Arise platform allows for virtual customer service companies to partner with them, and get contract offers with large corporations. You know when you call Amazon customer service and someone helps you with your issue? Well, you will be that person. This is not an employment opportunity from Arise, it is a business opportunity. You will not be working for Arise, instead, you simply use their platform to perform customer service

The first thing I had to do was incorporate so that I could partner my company with Arise. Should you choose not to incorporate, you may elect to become an agent of someone else’s company (Why not mine? Desir Customer Assistance, LLC), or you can research others.

The next thing you have to do is take a pc scan. Usually, your average laptop should work as long as it’s Windows 8 or higher and, has several other features. They may even accept Windows 7 but I wouldn’t recommend it as it will probably run too slow. After you pass this exam you will need to take a voice assessment which I used my home phone for. It is required that I get a separate business phone line, which is what I will do in the coming week. The next thing that you will have to do is pay for a background check, which shouldn’t be more than $10 in most areas. Then I registered my IB or independent business or company, they all mean the same thing. I bring it up here because you’ll see them used interchangeably on their sight.

It took about two weeks for my LLC to be processed and registered in the state of Georgia, the PC scan took less than a couple minutes, voice assessment and background check took less than an hour.

Here’s how to register an LLC. There are fees involved with registering your LLC which vary by state. Find the link to your state through the preceding link that I provided.

You will have to purchase:

  • Telephone Keypad & VOIP/Gaming Headset ~$35-100
  • Phone Line ~$75
  • Initial Client Program Certification Course ~$50-250

After you’re done with the initial registration you must choose a client to train and get certified for. Do to disclosure agreements I’m not sure I’m at liberty to name drop, but there are opportunities to land fortune 500 companies as clients.

Here is more info on Arise here.



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