“Stop worrying about missed opportunities and start looking for new ones.” ― I.M. Pei


The biggest opportunity I see for investment right now is in Bitcoin. In the year 2009 one bitcoin was about $0.16. This morning one bitcoin would cost you roughly $7,200.00. The price has skyrocketed and is showing no signs of slowing down.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is an international cryptocurrency and digital payment system. There is no central banking system that regulates this system. The design of the cryptocurrency system is known as Blockchain. Blockchain is a public ledger that keeps track of all bitcoin transactions.Afraid of getting hacked? It would cost someone 10x more to hack bitcoin than to just mine them legally, and with that said, Bitcoin has NEVER been hacked not even once since its debut almost ten years ago. More advantages of the blockchain system are explained HERE.
It is opinion that cryptocurrencies is the future of money on the planet. The older generations do not understand the concept of these cryptocurrencies and won’t invest for the most part. Although I am not an expert on investing and even created this blog so that we can educate ourselves together, I do believe bitcoin is the biggest opportunity for our generation. A chance to join the one percent.
Click here, I think this is a great place to start your education on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Let me know what you find!!



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